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Repairing a Broken, Chipped, or Malformed Tooth

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End the Embarrassment of a Single Unsightly Tooth Have you ever thought, “I love my smile, but I hate that one tooth!” Having one problem tooth can make you feel like your years of dental visits and good hygiene don’t mean a thing. All people see is that one bad tooth that calls attention to […]

What is the Best Way to Repair a Damaged Tooth?

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  Repairing a damaged tooth is important for maintaining a show-stopping smile, as well as for the health and functioning of all your teeth. If you fail to repair a tooth, you may lose that tooth and the chances of losing another tooth increases. The best way to repair a badly damaged tooth is a dental crown, which […]

teeth whitening Dental Office Teeth Whitening Trumps Store Bought Products Every Time

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Your smile is the first thing that others notice about you; it’s an important part of making a first impression. Perhaps you want to look your best for a job interview or blind date, or just look great in your sister’s wedding photos. Whatever the reason, a bright and beautiful smile is a key component […]

woman wearing clear aligner Realign Your Smile With Invisalign

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Does your smile look crooked or busy? Do your teeth overlap? Maybe you had braces as a child, but over time your teeth have become crowded again. If this sounds like you, Invisalign® clear braces can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Call our Boise, Idaho dental office at 208-853-2221 to learn more about […]

woman at dentist Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings are the foundation of restorative dentistry. When bacteria cause tooth decay, the empty space (cavity) is cleaned and then filled with a durable material to preserve the function and appearance of the tooth. The materials may have changed, but the basic process of filling a cavity has been the same since it was […]

happy mature couple Preventive Dentistry Techniques and Tactics

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An ounce of prevention, the adage goes, is worth a pound of cure. It’s always better to prevent bad things from happening, rather than accept the consequences of calamities coming to pass. When the health of your teeth and gums is concerned, this adage rings exceptionally true. The human body is amazingly capable of healing […]

tooth knocked out What to do if you knock out a tooth?

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So you’re playing baseball and your teeth catch the ball before your glove does. Or maybe you tripped over a tree root and your teeth caught your fall. Our teeth are always trying to help, but sometimes they do too much and can get caught on the wrong side of an accident.  If that’s the […]

smiling man Dental Crowns for a Gorgeous Grin

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At Maple Grove Dentistry, we treat patients with many types of dental problems. From filling cavities to performing root canal treatments, Dr. Russell Jensen can perform any dental procedure you need. For patients with cracked, broken, or severely decayed teeth, this typically entails the placing of dental crowns. The placement of dental crowns, one of […]

Your Emergency Dentist in Boise

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Some days come with unexpected struggles. You’re just living your life happy as a clam, then boom – you bite down on a seed and chip a tooth. Or little Freddie is guarding the soccer goal like a champ, then bam – he takes a kick to the mouth and a tooth flies out. Emergencies […]